Prize money for the racers

Oct 05The prize money for the racers in FIS Alpine World Cup races was confirmed to increase from SFR 100 000 to SFR 110 000 in 2016 and to SFR 120 000 in 2017 for each race, according to Svein Mundal, President of the World Cup Kvitfjell organization.

Alpine World Cup Calendar until 2020

Oct 05At the FIS Alpine World Cup Meeting in Zurich last week a draft calendar for 2019-20 was presented. We are happy to see that Kvitfjell's position as a classic organizer of speed events is confirmed.

FIS fall meetings in Zurich

Oct 04World Cup Kvitfjell is as always represented at the annual FIS fall meetings in Zurich, this time with Matilde Heggdal Heimstad, Jan Erik Fossheim, Per Arne Kleven, Ole Johan Bjørge and Svein Mundal.

Matilde is employed as trainee

Sep 17With a fresh Bachelor degree in marketing and leadership of tourism from Lillehammer College, 23 year old Matilde Heggdal Heimstad entered the organization as a trainee at the end of August. She is for the coming season going to assist CEO Svein Mundal including working with two important projects, recruitment og volunteers and marketing support.

WC 2016: 12th and 13th March

Jul 17The dates for WC in 2016 were at FIS' spring meeting confirmed to week 10. Downhill Saturday 12th March and Super-G Sunday 13th March.

Club 5 meeting in Varna June 4th 2015

Jun 10In connection with the FIS Calender Conference in Varna, Bulgaria, June 3rd to 6th 2015, the 16 members of Club 5 had a meeting. The photo shows the leaders of this organization. The president and the vice presidents were reelected by the members for tree new years, 2015-2018. From left to right: Vice president Stefania Demetz, Vice president Peter Fischer, President Srecko Medven, Vice president Peter Willen and Club manager Hannes Huter.

Trælfesten 17. april 2015

Apr 22Årets Trælfest ble gjennomført på tradisjonell måte i Nasjonalanleggsbygget i Kvitfjell fredag 17. april. Årets Træl Ståle Sønsteli blir gratulert av Svein Mundal.
Foto: Stein B Olsen

Join a winning team!

We had 12.000 spectators and 480 volunteers in 2015, and we will repeat the success in 2016!

Race Shedule

THU 11:30 Official downhill training men
FRI 11:30 Official Downhill training men
SAT 09:30 Entertainment in the finish area
11:30 Downhill men
SUN 10:00 Entertainment in the finish area
11:15 Super-G men
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